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Perfect egg, with coast flavours, cockles with white wine, shallots candied with red wine, potato emulsion,

plancha roasted gingerbread crisp and sprouts


Unity of haddock, vodka and lemon, green apple freshness, radish and candied lemon, garlic bread


Trilogy of gratinated oysters from Pénerf

* 1 gratinated with garlic butter, pastis, curry and parsley

* 1 gratinated with roasted almond butter, tarragon, orange peel and candied lemon

* 1 gratinated with black garlic butter, and breton beer




Low temperature cooked veal top sirloin, with garlic and thyme, tartare of oysters-mushrooms with parsley,
candied olive duet, ginger flavoured carrots and tops, honey and sesame seed, cranberry juice

Plancha grilled piece of cod, buttered potato with wakamé, coconut milk and coriander butter sauce,

blackcurrant creamed pickles of red cabbage





Range of ripened cheeses,
  lamb's lettuce, raspberry vinaigrette, Chef's jam

French pastry "Chou pâtissier", stewed acid berry fruits, vanilla mousseline cream with yuzu shards,

basil and coconut meringue, red orange sorbet, pink grapefruit coulis


Seasonal fruit filled verrine, kampot pepper syrup, ginger and lime sorbet, coconut emulsion, black sesame


Three scoops of ice-cream or sorbet (artisan confectioner)

(chocolate, lemon, lime and ginger, strawberry, tarragon, hibiscus, red orange and vanilla)