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31.00 €





Perfect egg, stripped haddock, potato emulsion with the flavour of undergrowth,

smoked bacon juice, fresh herbs and small "croutons"


Cannelloni delicately stuffed with confit pork cheek and shellfish from our coasts with wine sauce,

chorizo emulsion and jullienned green apples


Trilogy of gratinated oysters from Pénerf

* 1 gratinated with shallot butter and green curry

* 1 gratinated with roasted almond butter, tarragon and Breton beer

* 1 gratinated with garlic butter, pastis, curry and parsley




Low temperature Farm guinea fowl breast fillets, with Breton cider, lamb's lettuce and roasted cockles,
mashed potatoes with Girolle mushroom and chives garlic and rosemary short juice

Plancha grilled Pollack, caramelized chicory, sesame and condiment glazed carrots,

crunchy nut, pea pesto with mint




2 cheeses,  
  lamb's lettuce with cumin, chef'sjam

French pastry "Chou pâtissier", creamed vanilla, passion fruit, meringue coconut

pecan nut ice cream, mango coulis with timut pepper


Dark rum Canelé, almond crunch, creamy apricot ginger star anise, red berry coulis


Two scoops of ice-cream or sorbet (artisan confectioner)

(chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, lemon, strawberry, tonka bean, pecan nut, vanilla)