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Brise Marine menu

49.00 €



Trout from Bretagne, delicately smoked by our chef, fennel crunch with basil, lobster oiled croutons,
sweet and sour cream with cider vinegar, Kalamansi lemon emulsion, pea pesto with mint



declination of gratinated oysters from Pénerf


*2 gratinated with garlic butter, pastis, curry and parsley

* 2 gratinated with roasted almond butter, tarragon, orange peel and candied lemon

* 2 gratinated with black garlic butter and breton beer





"Vitello" veal, crab meat mayonnaise, ginger and apricot cream, citrus fruit pearls,

tomato-based salad dressing, "olives and salicornia" condiment, "fresh herbs and parmesan shavings", grape-must mustard




Beef filet "à la plancha" (type of cooking), eggplant caviar, razor-clam tartare with cep,
snail crunch with black garlic and dark lager beer, fig jam with balsamic vinegar, lobster white butter sauce



Monkfish Medaillon roasted with colonnata bacon, pickled artichoke, variation of textures of tomato with yuzu flavoured pepper,

zucchini brunoise with pine nuts and red onion, cherry tomato white butter sauce, colombo curry, root-vegetable salad 




Range of ripened cheeses, 

Lamb's lettuce, raspberry vinaigrette, chef's jam




Canelloni filled with roasted pineapple brunoise with Espelette chili, passion fruit, tarragon mascarpone,

strawberry carpaccio, pecan crunch, hibiscus ice-cream, mango coulis




Dariole molded chocolate cake, cocoa streusel, red berry coulis with Timut pepper,

white chocolate "mendiant" with dry apricot and lime peel, tarragon ice-cream


3 scoops of ice cream and/or sorbet (manufactured by an artisanal ice cream maker)

(chocolate, lemon, lime and ginger, strawberry, tarragon, hibiscus, red orange and vanilla)